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The Croghan Meat Market has crafted gourmet ring bologna through time-tested traditional methods since the late 1800’s. Our recipes and techniques were brought to America by a Swiss immigrant and carried throughout history by the Campany family, where it continues today with the fourth generation. Our Croghan Bologna has become ingrained in local and state history, along with finding both national and international acclaim among its many admirers. Our products are cherished pieces of an immortalized heritage that continues to sustain itself through high quality ingredients and true-to-memory methods that preserve the flavors and palate experience our customers seek. This small town meat market continues to offer old fashion quality for its thousands of customers, old and new, for the last 128 years. We continue to create delicacies for our amazing customers and business partners alike. Your support helps us preserve these great culinary memories so they can be savored by more generations to come.

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9824 Main St,
Croghan, NY 13327

Store Hours

Monday—Friday: 9:00am—5:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am—1:00pm
Closed Sunday and for all Federal Holidays

Accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express, EBT cards

The Croghan Meat Market, Inc. is a specialty meat processing plant and retail store located in Croghan, New York. The plant operates to create traditional, quality meats for conscious consumers who take pride in their meats and eats. Under daily federal processing supervision and guidelines issued by USDA regarding product production and safety, the plant is owned and operated by generational meat cutters and owners who are always crafting the finest product for consumers. Our retail store operates out of the same building on Main Street in Croghan and is the same location that has produced world famous Croghan Bologna and Croghan Smoked Breakfast Sausage since 1888.

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