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How We Ship

Mondays & Tuesdays

Due to the perishable nature of some of our product the longest shipping duration for colder areas will be 3-Day UPS. Tuesday is the latest day in the week we ship so packages won't get trapped over the weekend! If you place your order after 2pm Tuesday it will bump to ship the following business week-no exceptions!

UPS Only - No PO Box

We only use UPS to ship our goods as they have been the most reliable shipper for us. We only ship to PHYSICAL addresses as UPS does not deliver to the US Postal Service. Orders placed with POBox addresses may cause delayed ship dates.

Shipping Updates

After placing your order you will get a confirmation email- please look over for any mistakes and email us if you encounter any problems. Once shipped you will receive a tracking number you will not be able to track until it is scanned at the UPS facility—be patient!



We package our perishable products in a box with an insulated box liner.


We then add further insulation and cushioning paper to secure products.


Between items food-safe gel ice packs are placed- we do not use dry ice.


More cushioning is added along with an informational product guide and other resources.


Liner is closed and if you chose a gift message it is placed on top.


Box is closed, shipping label is added, and shipping stickers ("Perishable" & "Refrigerate Upon Arrival"). Done!


Store Hours

Monday—Friday: 9:00am—5:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am—1:00pm
Closed Sunday and for all Federal Holidays

Accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express, EBT cards

The Croghan Meat Market, Inc. is a specialty meat processing plant and retail store located in Croghan, New York. The plant operates to create traditional, quality meats for conscious consumers who take pride in their meats and eats. Under daily federal processing supervision and guidelines issued by USDA regarding product production and safety, the plant is owned and operated by generational meat cutters and owners who are always crafting the finest product for consumers. Our retail store operates out of the same building on Main Street in Croghan and is the same location that has produced world famous Croghan Bologna and Croghan Smoked Breakfast Sausage since 1888.

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