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  • Guest - duane overton

    I lived my first 35 years in Lowville, NY. Graduated from Lowville Academy. I now live in Waterloo, IA. But I grew up on Croghan Bologna and still love it.. My Mom is 90 years old and she has been eating it for 90 years.

    from Waterloo, IA, USA
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  • Guest - Patti Morrison

    Love your products. Was first introduced to them when after I got married in 2007 when my husband said lets stop by and see if anything interest you. He grew up in this area and loves your bologna. Well nothing really interested me but we bought some bologna and cheese anyway. So that night we had company and i made appetizers of the bologna and cheese and other things. It was a hit. I was very surprised Im thinking it cant be that good. Well I have to say I tried it and at that moment I became a huge fan of your products. :)

    from Harrisville, NY 13648, USA
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  • Guest - Terry Oliver

    I fell in love with Croghan Bologna when I had it for the very first time, 1955...I was 4 years old, I am now 63 years old...I now live in Charlotte, NC. and my friends mail me some several times a year....I can't do it as often as I used to, being on disability and all, but I will eat it when ever I can afford it....I don't care if it cost a $100.00 a ring, I would find a way to get a ring, It's That Good!!!!!:):):)

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  • Guest - Hollyanne Fox

    I was introduced to Crogan blogna as a very young child -- and I am over 60 now!
    My Great Grandmother, Anna Zehr Tanzer, was born, raised and died in Croghan.
    Always looked forward to visiting her because we knew there would always be a few pieces of Croghan blogna waiting for us.
    Haven't had it since 1969, but am planning a visit this summer, and your shop it on the list!!!!

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  • Guest - Helen

    :):):):) Love it.. My husband and I fell in love with Croghan Bologna 30 years ago .. In the islands.. 1000 islands .. The best.. spread the word..

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  • Guest - Jill B

    Just hearing the name Croghan bologna, reminds me spending time at my grandmothers. Every there were slices with cheese on the table. Now when I go to visit my mom she has to have it on her table when I'm there. Can't get it here in PA

    from Hawley, PA 18428, USA
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