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  • Guest - karthik devuluri

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  • Guest - Papa Jim

    Love the Bologna. A Yank from up state (Yorker) gives it to me for a Christmas present yearly here in New Mexico. Thanx good stuff.

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  • Guest - patrick huff

    At last! I found real baloney, not phony baloney! The best ever! A pleasant surprise. :o

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  • Guest - Thomas E Perry

    I used to help Bobby Teal on delivers to the market and lived in Lyons Falls a all thru high school.

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  • Guest - John Carpenter

    Moved from New York 20 years ago but whenever we visit there we are sure to get some cheese curd and Croghan bologna. Friends here in Tennessee will ask me to bring some back to them because it is not available here

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  • Guest - Laurie & Ron

    I posted a bit ago, then went on to explore the website. Awesome!!!! Love the history. (Also realized I spelled "bologna" wrong!);)

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