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  • Guest - Amber Steimel

    Love your Croghan Bologna!!! I was born and raised in Upstate NY. I moved to St.Louis,MO back in 2010 and I can't find anything like this around. When my family comes and visit I always make sure they bring me a ton of it esp the curd cheese. CHILDHOOD MEMORIES that I am hoping to share with my kids!!!

    from Saint Charles, MO, USA
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  • Guest - Alan Gerace

    When I lived in Deferiet in the 1948-1955 era I loved Croghan bologna...haven't had any for 50+ years. Just ordered some, and I hope that it hasn't changed! <<fond memories>>!

    from Rumford, ME, USA
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  • Guest - Robin Young

    We moved to Tennessee in 99 and have come up there a couple years ago just to get croghan bologna and cheese curd. We miss it so much. When we come up again we will get more and freeze it. WE LOVE IT.

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  • Guest - Johanna Johnson

    We came in over the weekend and ordered the tavern ham cut in ham steaks, wow it was amazing!!! best ham ever! We love the meat and service from the meat market!

    from Remsen, NY 13438, USA
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  • Guest - Annas

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    from Indonesia
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  • Guest - Gene

    I had a large piece of fillet mignon that I removed from the freezer and placed it into the bottom of the refrigerator. The following day realizing that I was not going to cook it I placed it back into the freezer. Do you think it is still good?

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