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  • Guest - Johanna Johnson

    We came in over the weekend and ordered the tavern ham cut in ham steaks, wow it was amazing!!! best ham ever! We love the meat and service from the meat market!

    from Remsen, NY 13438, USA
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  • Guest - Annas

    Nice Website, i Hope You Coma to my website too. at griyagadget.com

    from Indonesia
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  • Guest - Gene

    I had a large piece of fillet mignon that I removed from the freezer and placed it into the bottom of the refrigerator. The following day realizing that I was not going to cook it I placed it back into the freezer. Do you think it is still good?

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  • Guest - Rena

    Love Croghan Bologna and cheese curd (squeaky cheese)! Very DELICIOUS childhood memories! My aunt and uncle lived in Croghan so, visiting them always meant a belly full of the best bologna in the world! And, we were sure to secure a few rings to take home with us [to Webster] as well! Although we've found rings of Croghan Bologna in various little food markets over the years [while visiting NY], I am thrilled to finally be able to order direct from the Croghan Meat Market! Thank you!

    from Springfield, VA, USA
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  • Guest - Kinley Bowers

    I lived in the North Country for 41 years before moving here 13 years ago. I have not been able to find a good tasting breakfast sausage and hoping you can fill my needs??

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  • Guest - Bob schantz

    Received my bolonga I have a question have you altered the recipe. Taste doesn't seem shthe same as I remember ????

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