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  • Guest - Sharon Fernando

    My husband and I stopped in to see if you had any meat packet deals, you gladly assisted us and told us you could get about anything we desired. We went on your website and prepared an order after we tasted the great steaks that we purchased when we stopped in. A fabulous cut of meat, so tender and juicy it melted in your mouth! Thank you for such home quality service! We will highly recommend to others the great prices and great product that you so proudly carry! thank you!.

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  • Guest - Brian church

    John and Charmaine.its great Blaine took over for you.bet your both thrilled to have kept in your family.i still grab a bunch to bring down here when we're up north it still great.

    from Millbrook, NY 12545, USA
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  • Guest - Jim Fowlow

    Great bologna - I've enjoyed it for over 60 years. Glad to have access through this website.
    Can't wait to receive my order.

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  • Guest - Melissa Hillick

    I don't know how you do it, but your food is A1! Blue Ribbon! Thank You!

    from Cicero, NY 13039, USA
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  • Guest - Ale

    Hi all!!! :))))))))))

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  • Guest - Mary Holm

    Love Crogan Bologna. My Aunt Martha always used to stop in and bring us some goodies when she came to visit. I am in Florida now. Still love the stuff and real Maple Syrup and Cheese Curd is the best. I love the "squeeky" cheese curd.

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